Bala Quila Fort Trip in Alwar 

Bala Quila Fort is in Alwar district in Rajasthan. It is also known as Alwar Fort and is situated on the Aravalli hills overlooking Alwar town.

Bala Quila (or Balaquila) fort was built in 15th century by Hasan Khan Mewati and the Fort is about 5 km long and about 1.5 km wide.

Hill drive to Bala Quila Fort

Bala Quila Fort falls within the buffer zone of Sariska Tiger reserve (सरिस्का टाइगर नेशनल पार्क ) and the journey to the fort goes through beautiful hill drive It is located in Alwar District in Rajasthan. 


I came to know about Bala Quila Fort very recently while I was returning from my trip to Dhadhikar village, where I discovered stone paintings of prehistoric-era. But due of paucity of time, I decided to cover it on my next trip.

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Bala Quila Fort is at a distance of about 130-140 km from Delhi and is also easily approachable if you are coming from Jaipur. 

Bala Quila Entry timings and ticket counter

We reached the entry gate to the Bala Quila Fort at around 1 pm. After parking my car, I along with my friends went to the ticket counter to inquire about the process. I was informed that private vehicles are also allowed to be taken to the hill ride to the fort, however off road drives are only allowed if we hire Gypsy with driver and guide. 

We decided to hire the Gypsy along with guide. After paying the charges at the entry ticket counter (which was somewhere around 1400/- rupees) we boarded on the Gypsy, which was without roof cover. 

Gypsy we hired [Bala Quila]

The guide along with driver were on first row whereas we four of us took the middle and the last row of the Gypsy.

As soon as the drive begins, we were welcomed by the cool winter breeze. The hill road was although in a good condition, however at certain patches it was undulating too. But that's the beauty of the drive when you can actually feel it.

Surrounding view [Bala Quila]

After about 1.5 km to 2 km of hill drive, we reached to a place from where famous Sheetala Maata Temple (शीतला माता मन्दिर ) could be seen. The temple was amidst jungle and was on the downward slope of the hill. 

Sheetla Mata temple [Bala Quila]

Then the Gypsy moved further ahead on the hill and after a couple of km of drive, the driver told that now we will be doing off-road drive to hunting location of the erst while king. There was a barricade on the left side of the road from where unpaved way (कच्चा रास्ता ) was going down slope. This was a no entry zone for private vehicles.

Off road drive [Bala Quila]

The unpaved way was very undulating and we moved through the forest area. The guide informed that these places were used as hunting ground by the erstwhile rulers. Suddenly he also pointed towards the pug mark of leopard which was visible on the dusty unpaved way. We got thrilled by seeing this. 

Leopard Pug marks [Bala Quila]

We were taken to a place where there was a small man made pond like structure which was in a dilapidated condition. The Guide informed that the place is being developed for habitation of pythons. 

Bala Quila Fort drive

Then we again returned back to the paved road on the hills. The Gypsy moved ahead with speed, climbing the hill and we were overwhelmed by the beauty all around. Then we reached the main entry to the Bala Quila Fort.

Information board outside Bala Quila Fort

The Gypsy was parked outside the entry inside the Fort premises and we entered through the gate into the premises. There we found several antique cannons. (तोप ).

Cannon in Bala Quila Fort

There were several small and mid size cannons, apart from that I also saw few small charriots. Entry to the terrace of the palace was not permissible, may be for safety reasons. After taking few pics we decided to move out as we were to cover other places also of the journey.

Inside view of Bala Quila

After clicking few pics we moved to the parking area, where I noticed several sambar deer (सांभर हिरण ). The deer appeared to be very friendly, probably it was accustomed with the people visiting the site.

Deer on parking area of Bala Quila Fort

Then the driver took us to a place where there was a big gate and above which it was mentioned "Leopard Trail region". The Guide opened the gate and the gypsy was taken inside. Again to mention here that entry to this region is not allowed on private cars.

Entering Leopard Trail [Bala Quila]

The Leopard Trail area was a dense forest region and the drive path was severely undulating. But it was thrilling as you were amidst dense forest area where possibility of sighting wild animals including Leopards was high.

Structural remains inside Leopard Trail area [Bala Quila]

The region inside Leopard Trail was alltogether different from what we found till now. We were moving through dense forest area and you can easily hear sound of animals, chirping birds and hissing sounds. I would again like to remind you that entry to this area is prohibited for private vehicles, so if you are willing to enjoy these locations do hire the Gypsy.

Drive inside Leopard Trail [Bala Quila]

After going for more than a km drive, the Gypsy was halted at a place where there was a small ancient temple. From there the Guide and the driver took us to a place where there was a huge man made pond. It was named as Suraj Kund.

Suraj Kund (water reservoir) 

The pond was having very little water and we noticed the hoof and pug marks of several animals who visit the pond for drinking water and also for hunting purpose. You can observe very good echo (sound reflection) effect near the pond. The guide informed that earlier this pond was being used as water sourse for the Fort and it's residents. Then we returned to Gypsy.

We friends at Suraj Kund [Bala Quila]

After our tour of Leopard Trail region we returned back from the hill to the ticket counter area. While returning I took picks of some beautiful birds as well as deer. The drive was amazing and full of excitement.

Birds in Bala Quila

The natural beauty and calmness inside the Leopard Trail region is something you should not miss if you are on a trip to Bala Quila Fort.

deer inside Leopard Trail [Bala Quila]


  • The Best part of Bala Quila Fort is that it can be easily covered in a day trip especially if you are coming from Delhi or Jaipur or Sariska or any other similarly distant place.
  • In my view it's better to hire a Gypsy at the ticket counter if you want to fully enjoy the drive and also to explore the regions where off-road drive is required.
  • There is also a small eatery at the entry point/near ticket counter.
  • Remember, if you are on a trip to Bala Quila, then it's not the destination, but it's the journey that's more exiting.

Happy Journey 

You can check the video of my trip here ⇓

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