The Leela Palace Jaipur |J.W. Marriott Resort and Spa Jaipur (experience and review)

The Leela Palace Jaipur (Earlier known as J.W. Marriott Resort & SPA) 

(My Visit, Experience and Review)



In the second week of June 2018 I planned a short trip to Jaipur with my family. I would like to add here that summers are very harsh in Delhi as well as in Rajasthan and Jaipur. So it was not my first preference to visit Jaipur, but since I could not get bookings in a decent hotel/resort in a nearby hill station as all of them were already sold out being in high demand.

I decided to go for some good properties in Jaipur as it was not a peak tourist season for Rajasthan and the possibility of finding a good resort at comparatively better price seems feasible. 


I started searching for hotels and resorts from MakeMyTrip . I found the aforesaid J.W. Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa. The resort seems to be attractive and I booked it for a two night stay.

The Room I opted was ROYAL KING ROOM and price includes Breakfast and dinner for two at Sukh Mahal restaurant. 


I started at around 9 AM from Delhi in my own car and after an hour of drive I took a break at Haldirams restaurant in Manesar in Haryana. It was really hot outside as I got out of my car. Then we had some snacks there. 

snacks at Haldirams
Snacks at Haldiram

After getting refreshed I drove continuously for about two and half hours till I reached J.W. Marriott Hotel. 

JW Marriott Jaipur
View of J.W. Marriott from Highway


The Hotel is located on the Jaipur-Delhi National Highway and at around 17 km from Jaipur city and is thus away from city hustle and bustle. It is just on the side of the highway as shown in the above picture as such there was no difficulty in locating it once you reached the spot. For assistance I had used Google map for the drive and the location as shown there was absolutely correct.

Entry to hotel premises

At the entry gate the security guard inquired my name and after checking my booking status welcomed me and I drove my car inside. Thereafter other hotel staff came and took us to the hotel reception area. Needless to say my luggage was taken care of by them to be directly shifted to the room.

Reception hall (panoramic view)

Before entering the reception hall we were welcomed. It was done in a traditional manner, the female receptionists put tilak and gave us flowers. We were also served with fresh juice and my little daughter was also given chocolates and teddy bears. 

The treatment was fabulous. After fulfillment of necessary formalities we were taken to the villa from a battery car. 

J.W. Marriott


The room which I had booked was on the first floor of the villa. The entire villa including the passage to the first floor was centrally air-conditioned with a very sweet aroma in the air. 

room interior of jw marriott jaipur
J.W. Marriott room

As I entered the room we were overwhelmed to see that a handmade chocolate and a basket full of fresh fruits were placed for us on the table. The staff also showed me the mini bar in the room with a little freezer and several wine glasses were also there. 

mini barin JW Marriott resort room
Mini bar

The room was equipped with a big LED with satellite TV connection.  The bathroom and changing room were separable by a slider door.

Coffee, JW Marriott Jaipur
Coffee Making machine and ingredients

There was also an arrangement for making coffee and tea in the room with necessary supplements.

washroom area of J.W. Marriott hotel, jaipur
Washroom area

The bathing area had a bathing tub and the toilet was separate from that, which was a good thing. However I noticed that the slider could not be locked from inside when one was using the bathroom area. Moreover the bathing room glass-door had no films. There was also a digital safe in the room to store your valuables.


Room interior of J.W. Marriott Jaipur
Room interior J.W. Marriott Jaipur

The interior was a mix of modern and traditional design. The fit and finish was of superior quality. In addition to this the balcony was huge and you can easily sit there and enjoy food and drinks while viewing the Aravallis.

room interior J.W. Marriott, Jaipur


After resting for a while, I decided to have a tour of the resort. It was spread into a huge area and I traveled to its different locations and found several villas, in addition there were also big marriage /conference halls, including a temple. There were also at-least 3 restaurants and an exclusive bar. The restaurants which I discovered were named as Sukhmahal, Mohan Mahal, Jharokha.

Swimming Pool area of J.W. Marriott Resort and Spa, Jaipur
Swimming Pool area of J.W. Marriott


There were several big marriage/conference halls too in the resort. It was informed that J.W. Marriott Jaipur is also famous for organizing high profile marriages and corporate conferences.

Marriage/conference hall

The architecture and the built quality of the property seemed very good and attractive. There was also a decent size common swimming pool for the guests in addition for there was also a small swimming pool for the kids.

Kids pool

The pools were clean and tidy. I also noticed a spa area near the swimming pool (it was for additional charges), but since I didn't used the service so won't be able to comment on the same.

swimming pool, Marriott, jw marriott jaipur
Joyful moments

The view near the swimming pool was very charming, the blue water surrounded by beautiful white architecture and in the background being the Aravali hills.

view near the swimming pool of J.W. Marriott

There was also a sitting and relaxing bed with tents near the swimming pool, a perfect place to enjoy the scenic beauty.

Resting/sitting area near swimming pool

The best part I liked was that personal attention was given to me and my family. The hotel staff also brought a cycle for my daughter and seeing that she was very much delighted.

enjoying cycling

High Tea

It was around 4:20-30 pm while I was about to visit one of the restaurants in the hotel, I was informed by hotel staff that Resort organizes complimentary high tea (at no extra charge) in the ground for all its guests in the evening time  and which is to begin within 10-15 minutes. So I decided to go there. 

high tea

It needs to be mentioned that one must not miss the high tea organised by the resort as the snacks are not only delicious, but you will enjoy the view by sitting in the open area amidst the aravali view. In addition for kids there are arrangements for play and a guitarist namely Akshaya playing melodious songs on the tune of his guitar. You can check this in my video link attached below.


I was informed that J.W. Marriott has several restaurants such as Sukh Mahal, Mohan Mahal, Jharokha. On inquiry I came to know that my booking contains inclusive breakfast and dinner at Sukh Mahal restaurant, whereas if I would like to try others then it will be chargeable. 

Dinner at Sukh Mahal restaurant

At night we planned to have dinner at Sukh Mahal restaurant. As I visited we were welcomed by the chef and other hotel staff. They served my daughter with an in house customised chocolate. In addition to that the food served was delicious.

The ambience of the restaurant was luxurious and warm.

Customised chocolate served

Especially prepared garlic stuffed bread. Do give it a try.

stuffed garlic bread

The good part is that the chefs and the serving staffs in the restaurant were very courteous and they try to give personal attention to the guests. One Mr. Mithun and chef Mr. Chanchal discussed and tried to know about our preferences and served the food accordingly. Both the vegetarian and the non-vegetarian food were delicious. If you visit there do try laal maas (spicy mutton dish), you will not regret.

Laal maas 

Chef also informed me that they have an exquisite restaurant called Mohan Mahal, which is a replica of Sheesh Mahal and there is no electric lighting inside but it is lit only by candle lighting. He said that the Mohan Mahal restaurant serves only Rajasthani traditional recipes.

He informed me that it would be on an additional charge, however I must try it. So I decided to go to Mohan Mahal restaurant on the next dinner i.e. on my last day of stay.

After my dinner I also saw Jharokha Restaurant and Bar with a large collection of different kinds of liquor.

Jharokha restaurant and bar

The next day we had breakfast at Sukh Mahal and the serving was both tasty and healthy. But the more interesting part was that we had our breakfast by listening to live music of flute being played by one artist named Hemant (if I am not mistaken his name). These fine details and services add to your pleasure of stay and make you feel special.

Dinner at Mohan Mahal Restaurant

Next day I visited Mohan Mahal Restaurant, and was told it was lit with a large number of candles. The walls of the restaurant were covered with a large number of small reflective pieces which gave it a feel of sheesha mahal. No doubt the restaurant was unique in itself. 

candle light dinner at Mohan Mahal

I was told that Mohan Mahal restaurant serves only the traditional Rajasthani cuisine, that was a bit of a turnoff to my wife and my little daughter. However, I ordered for one rajasthani thali. The food seemed OK. 

Rajasthani thali at Mohan Mahal restaurant

In my opinion, the restaurant should not have limited the choice to only Rajasthani dishes, but should serve what the guest demands, as it was not for the dish, but the special ambience for which guests were willing to pay more.

On the third day after having a very satisfying stay I left back for Delhi.

designer walls and doors


My experience has been very satisfying. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in J.W. Marriott Resort and Spa Jaipur. The services were very good and the property in itself was beautiful and something to cherish and observe. If you want to stay away from city hustle and bustle and want to experience the Five star services, then this hotel is definitely the one you should try for. 

Check the video of my Trip to. J.W. Marriott resort and Spa Jaipur

(Disclaimer: The aforesaid views and experience are personal to the author and viewers and travellers are advised to check from concerned authority prior to travelling to the site. Further the author shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in the information. Any views or opinions are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual. We always respect the dignity and feelings of any religion, ethnic, individual, groups, company etc. Photos in the post are subject to copyright.).


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