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20 reasons why retailers fail to make profit in stock market!

Stock market is a place which can quench the thirst of millions and billions of people. This was once stated by Lt Harshad Mehta.  But it is also a well known fact that it is only few who really makes money from the market and becomes wealthy in the long run whereas most of the entrants suffer losses or makes very nominal returns which when calculated are often lower than the FD returns of the Bank.  To make oneself successful in the stock market the first and the foremost thing is to identify why one is making losses or as to why his performance is poor. Once you are able to identify the same, the battle is almost half won.  In this article you will see the major reasons why the new market entrant or a new retailer is unable to make money from stock market. If one is able to just refine his approach and is able to tight the loose strings, the result would be phenomenal.  Some of the reasons for the losses or very nominal returns: Generally retailers enter the market during euphoria an