The Vijayran Palace Resort Jaipur | Resort review

The Vijayran Palace Resort is in Kookas near Jaipur city in Rajasthan. It's at a distance of about 240 km from Delhi. 

The resort is located amidst natural beauty away from city hustle and bustle. Kookas where the resort is located is a home to many of the Luxurious and famous five star resorts and properties.

In this blog I am going to cover my trip from Delhi to the resort and will also give you the entire tour and the review of the Vijayran Palace resort. So continue with me...

The Vijayran Palace Resort is at a distance of about  27 km from main City of Jaipur (the capital of Rajasthan).  

In the month of June 2022, we planned a visit to the resort. It was a family trip. The booking was got done by my friend through the site of Agoda.

Vijayran Palace Resort
The Vijayran Palace Resort


We began our journey from Delhi at around 8 am. The distance of the Resort was about 240 km. It was going to be a road journey in our personal cars. For going to the resort you will have to take Delhi-Jaipur Expressway which is NH48 (National Highway 48). 

The Highway crosses through Gurugram. The entry to Gurugram starts near Ambience mall which is on the left side of the road when you are coming from Delhi. As you enter Gurugram through the Expressway you can see the beautiful look of the millenium city. There are attractive and beautifully designed modern buildings which are offices of several multinational companies. The view at night is even more charming.

The road condition is quite good. However, generally you will find here high vehicular movement. Oh ya I forgot to mention here that the location of the resort is also available in Google maps and we were also following that during our drive. The location on google maps is fine and you will not face any issue in reaching to the resort.

There are many of the road side restaurants and dhabas also where you can take a break and have some food. 

At Hotel Highway King Restaurant
At Hotel Highway King Restaurant

We took a break for our breakfast at Hotel Highway King. It was a big restaurant with kids play facilities and also had many of branded outlets. The toilet facility was also neat and clean. The food was good and we also had some fun time playing with the kids there. 

After getting refreshed and energised we began our journey to the Resort which was about 120 km from there. The weather outside was too hot and temperature was hovering to 41-42 degree celsius 😅

The view on both sides of the road is awesome and you can see the vast expanse of Aravalli hills. I have covered my journey in my vlog in my youtube channel. 

To see our journey and to have a feel of the road and views check the video below. 👇


In the aforesaid video I have covered all the details including the road condition, visit to the The Highway King Restaurant and total toll charges etc. which you have to pay during the journey to the resort. So do watch the aforesaid video. 

Last few Km of the journey to the resort goes through jungle and through hills. It would be a fun drive for sure. However, don't over speed as there are turns in the road and often sambar deer and other animals come crossing the road. 

In that area of Kookas there are several other beautiful and luxurious resorts also and you will see the sign boards of some of them while on drive to the Vijay Ran Palace Resort also. 

The Vijayran Palace Resort
Vijayran Palace Resort

Then we reached the resort gate and it looked beautiful. The guard opened the entry gate after making some formal queries. By the time I had reached the resort my friend was already there and he was having some discussions at the reception. 

I was told that the reception people were saying that there is some issue with Agoda site. After 10-15 minutes of discussion with the higher ups we came to know that actually there is payment delay from the side of Agoda to the resorts. After some time rooms were provided to us.  

However, I would say that during all these discussions, the hotel staffs and the management persons were very courteous to us and offered refreshment drinks and snacks. 

Room and Bathroom area

We had booked rooms on the ground floor with courtyard on the back side with plenty of seating place. The room was big and spacious. It was also having a dressing closet area. The bed, furniture etc all appeared to be of good quality.  

The Vijayran Palace resort
View from Courtyard of our room

When I entered the bathroom to have a look of the same, I was happy to see that it gave a luxurious feel. It was quite big like a room. It was having a big bathtub and also a separate shower area. It was top notch and there is no doubt about it. 

There was also a mini refrigerator, coffee maker and a TV in the room. Overall the feel of the room was quite good. 

  • Spacious room.
  • Furniture and bed were of good quality.
  • Bathroom was big and nice.
  • Air conditioning effective and powerful. 

Since we had travelled during the summer season the weather was too hot. Day temperature was hovering around 40 degree centigrade. But thankfully the room air conditioning system was powerful enough to give you a chill. 

After adjusting our baggages we ordered for the lunch and on our request it was provided in the room only. After having the same, we took some rest. 

Here I would like to mention that summers are generally too hot in Rajasthan and tourists including foreigners mostly avoid travelling there in this season. However, this is the time when you can find good hotels and resorts at comparatively reasonably priced. Moreover, since we have been to Jaipur earlier also multiple times so we just wanted to relax and chill in a good property for couple of days. 

Entire Property Tour

In the evening we had a tour to the entire property. It appears to be a newly built one. The architecture is pleasing and the construction is neat and clean. In the property there are two open grounds also. In one of the ground they were also providing horse ride and it was at no additional charges. 

The Vijayran Palace Resort
Central open area in the resort

There is an indoor play area also where one can play table tennis, billiards, carrom board and few other games. That play room is adjacent to the Restaurant. 

The Vijayran Palace Resort
The Vijayran Palace resort

There is also a peripheral pathway in the property where one can do cycling. 

Main attraction

Above all the aforesaid things, we found the swimming pool of the resort to be the most loving place. The view from the pool is just awesome. 

The Vijayran Palace Resort
Swimming Pool of the resort

You can see the unhindered view of the Aravallis and the fresh and pollution free air flowing through it. Oh.. it was a lovely feel. The kids too had a great time there. For summer the pool was the perfect place to chill and relax. 

I have covered my tour of the resort and my review in my youtube video which you can check below 👇

Food and Restaurant experience

Restaurant looks very attractive and had the amalgamation of both the modern and traditional looks. However, it's sad to say that the experience was not that great. The options were quite less and the service was slow. 

In addition if you order food in a la carte, it's too highly priced. It's better to go for a booking inclusive of fooding. The resort needs to work seriously on this front if they actually wants to alleviate the wholesome experience of stay. 

At the time of our checkout we mentioned this fact in the feedback to the resort and they told that it will be informed to the higher ups and they will work to improve this aspect. 

I think if this is properly done then this resort can no doubt become one of the most desired destinations of the locality. 

During our return to Delhi we visited the famous Lassiwala shop in Jaipur. The freshly prepared lassi by them is of next level. Do give it a try. This I have also covered in my above youtube video.  


  • Location is away from city crowd and noise.
  • Peaceful atmosphere away from pollution.
  • Architecture of the resort is a treat for the eyes. 
  • Rooms in which we stayed was big and good.
  • Cleanliness in resort was top notched.
  • Nice Swimming pool.
  • Mobile and internet connectivity is proper.
  • Restaurant service needs to be improved.
Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Do share it with your friends and follow the blog for updates. 
Thanks 👍😊

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