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Whether lockdown is sustainable to fight Coronavirus!

BRIEF HISTORY OF COVID-19 Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash A pneumonia kind of disease was firstly noticed in Wuhan in China somewhere in November-December 2019. The patients were found not responding properly to the usual treatment given to the pneumonia or flu suffering people. The virus was earlier named as Novel Coronavirus and then renamed as Covid-19. It was found that in acute cases, the patient's respiratory system failed to perform resulting in death. It also shows symptoms of fever, dry cough etc including breathing related problems. Sooner , the number of patients started increasing and it was clear by then that the disease spread from one person to another through direct contacts or through the droplets coming out of sneezing or coughing. An even more worrisome finding was that the disease could also spread through contaminated surfaces as the virus could survive on different objects/materials for several hours and even days.  Everyday we could he