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My Journey to Prehistoric Cave Paintings in Alwar


Rajasthan is a place of historical forts and beautiful palaces. It has a very rich cultural heritage and not only people of India but even foreigners love to visit the state. In the last week of December 2018 I also planned for a short trip to Rajasthan, however it was not going to be an usual trip to some popular destination, but to a least known place where Prehistoric cave paintings had been discovered. The place was somewhere near Dadhikar Fort in Alwar. So here the journey begins..
Our Journey To Prehistoric Cave PaintingsI reached Gurugram at around 10 AM and met two of my friends and then we had some breakfast in Harish Bakery and Sweets and we purchased some snacks, cakes etc for our journey. The idea was not to take any break in between for food etc as we were bit late.

Then we all packed ourselves in my car and searched for Dadhikar Fort on Google maps, the distance shown was around 140 km. Then we started our journey and catched Delhi…

My visit to J.W. Marriott Resort and Spa Jaipur (experience and review)

J.W. MARRIOTT JAIPUR RESORT & SPA  (My Visit, Experience and Review)

MY VISIT TO J.W. MARRIOTT JAIPUR RESORT & SPA In the second week of June 2018 I planned a short trip to Jaipur with my family. I would like to add here that summers are very harsh in Delhi as well as in Rajasthan and Jaipur. So it was not my first preference to visit Jaipur, but since I could not get bookings in a decent hotel/resort in a nearby hill station as all of them were already sold out being in high demand.

I decided to go for some good properties in Jaipur as it was not a peak tourist season for Rajasthan and the possibility of finding a good resort at comparatively better price seems feasible. 
BOOKING:I started searching for hotels and resorts from MakeMyTrip . I found the aforesaid J.W. Marriott Jaipur Resort & Spa. The resort seems to be attractive and I booked it for a two night stay.

The Room I opted was ROYAL KING ROOM and price includes Breakfast and dinner for two at Sukh Mahal restauran…