Bhangarh, the most Haunted Fort in Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort or Bhangarh ka Quila is situated in Alwar district in Rajasthan in India. This ancient township was founded in the later half of the 16th century A.D. by Raja Bhagwant Das, the then Ruler of Amber and later on it was made capital of Madho Singh, brother of Raja Man Singh. 

Entrance gate of Bhangarh Fort
Entrance gate of Bhangarh Fort

There are lots of story associated with Bhangarh Fort and some says that this ancient township received the curse of some saint (sadhu) and the place became barren and people left this place. It is often referred to as most haunted places of India and its air has negative aura and many had claimed to have experienced paranormal activities in this place. The fort comes within control of Archaeological Survey of India.

My Journey to Bhangarh Fort:

Bhangarh is at a distance of around 200 km from Delhi and is well connected through roads. I along with few of my friends planned a trip to Bhangarh in last week of June 2018. We decided to go to the fort from our own car. 

We started at around 7 am from Delhi and after having breakfast in the highway restaurant we finally reached Bhangarh at around 11:30 AM. 

People generally prefer to travel to Rajasthan during winter season as summers are harsh there. But we did our present journey during the monsoon season. Believe me, Rajasthan looks all more beautiful and different during the rainy season and this is something to experience with.

on way to Bhangarh

The Aravali hills covered with clouds gives a feel as if you are in a hill station. We took a little break during our journey to Bhangarh fort and took few pics. See how beautiful Rajasthan looks during the rainy season.

On way to Bhangarh fort

I also noticed an overloaded tractor trolley with its front wheels lifted in air, we thought it won't be able to climb the gradient, but the driver was experienced and he managed to move forward, however scene was quite funny.

overloaded tractor struggling to move ahead

After that we proceeded towards Bhangarh fort and reached there at around 12:20 PM. There was a dedicated parking site outside the fort premises where we parked our car. To reach to the destination we have taken the help of google maps, otherwise also there are signboards at different stretched of the road for the purpose of guidance.

Information regarding the Bhangarh fort by ASI

The Bhangarh Fort site comes within the jurisdiction of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) and falls under protected monuments category. As I remember there was no entry fee inside the fort premises, however parking charges for the car was Rs 50/- only.


After parking the car we entered the fort premises to have a look into the ancient structures and ruins.

Temple, Bhangarh
Ancient temple inside Bhangarh Fort premises

Noticed a beautiful ancient temple. Strangely, the remaining part of the fort and other structures were in highly dilapidated condition, but the temple was comparatively in a very good condition.

outside temple in Bhangarh fort

There are ruins of the market place of the kingdom. In addition common public also used to reside there.

ruins of market and houses of common public in Bhangarh fort

The ruins of market and homes of the common public (प्रजा) made us feel nostalgic. It reminds us of the strength of time and how insignificant we are before it (समय बड़ा बलवान होता है ). 

ruins of market 

Once a flourishing kingdom transformed into ruins. (एक समय का हरा भरा साम्राज्य आज खंडहर में तब्दील हो चूका था। )

ruins of homes of progeny and market area inside Bhangarh Fort

After travelling through the ruins of market place and residents of common public area we moved to a place where there was an entry gate. That gate divided the kings palace area from the common public. 

Entry gate to ruins of king's palace in Bhangarh Fort

Way to the ruins of King's palace:
After seeing several architectural remains of the Bhangarh Fort premises we headed towards the ruins of King's palace area. The Palace was built at a much greater height than other areas of the fort. May be it was with the view that height has it's own safety and strategic importance. 

King's palace Bhangarh Fort

Outer walls of the Fort :The King's residence/palace was surrounded by these stone walls. 

Boundary wall of Bhangarh Fort
Boundary wall of Bhangarh Fort

Ruins of the Bhangarh Palace:

It is stated that the Royal Palace had earlier seven storeys but now only four storeys remains and that too in dilapidated condition.

Ruins of Bhangarh Fort Palace

One can easily sense the ghostly feelings in Bhangarh Fort area. There is strange calmness. At many places inside the Fort especially when going inside the ruins of King's palace area we experienced extreme pungent smell and sounds of bats coming. 

Ruins of Bhangarh fort palace

The trip also reminded me of my first visit to the Bhangarh Fort in the year 2009. At that time very few people used to visit the Fort. 

In Bhangarh Fort during our trip in  year 2009

Earlier very few people used to visit there but now it has become quite popular especially among young and adventure seeking travellers.

We remained in the fort premises till around 4 pm and then we returned to Delhi the same day. 

While returning from Bhangarh Fort we also noticed Ajabhgarh fort situated on a hill. 

Ajabgarh fort


  • The Bhangarh fort is situated in somewhat secluded area and there is hardly any good food joint nearby, so it's advisable you carry some food and return before sunset.
  • There are large number of ghostly stories associated with the Bhangarh 
    Fort and it is thrilling to visit the fort.
  • The monuments are ancient and in a dilapidated condition, so as a responsible traveller we should not do anything to endanger the same.

Click the link or video icon to see the video of my trip to Bhangarh Fort.

(Disclaimer: The aforesaid views and experience are personal to the author and viewers and travelers are advised to check from concerned authority prior to travelling to the site. Further the author shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in the information. Any views or opinions are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual. We always respect the dignity and feelings of any religion, ethnic, individual, groups, company etc.).


  1. Wow! This is what we call the real beauty! I have heard a lot about Bhangarh & always fancy exploring the ruins. Additionally, your pictures, along with video left me completely spell-bound! Now, I cannot wait to initiate my tour to Rajasthan and explore the antiquity

    1. Thanx a lot for the kind words. You may check some other posts of my blog. Do check this one also

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