My Trip to Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan


Photos of Keoladeo National Park
pics from Keoladeo national park

Keoladeo National Park was formerly known as Bharatpur Bird sanctuary and the same is located in Bharatpur town in state of Rajasthan in India.

The sanctuary is spread into more than 28 square km of area and is one of the richest habitat of large number of birds including reptiles like pythons etc. Especially during winter large number of migratory birds travel to the sanctuary from different parts of the world including the poles. 

In the year 1982 the sanctuary was declared as National Park and in the year 1985 it was listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.


Keoladeo National Park is located in Bharatpur in Rajasthan and is well connected with roads and the nearest airport being at New Delhi and Jaipur. Distance of the park is about 220 km from Delhi and about 180 km from Jaipur. 


We were informed that the best period for visit to the Park is from November till February every year as it is this time when large number of migratory birds also visit the park.


There are several hotels/guest houses in the vicinity. One can check the same on online travel websites. In addition we also found one ITDC Guest house within the Park which provides for both fooding and lodging as informed. Since for us it was only a day trip as such we didn't stayed in any of the same. However, I would suggest one should do pre booking to avoid any last minute inconvenience.


I had heard about this park from some of my friends who were photography enthusiasts and then I read about the same from some of the information available on Internet and it seemed really interesting to me. With some of my close friends I discussed about the Park and finally the date of our visit was fixed for 28.01.2017. 

It was quite cold in the morning when I started from my home in Delhi at around 5 AM,  but the more problematic was the foggy condition outside, however somehow I went to my friend's house and picked them up who were staying few km from my place. We were just hoping that somehow the fog is reduced and we can drive with confidence. 

Highway drive on that day

Thankfully, the condition improved and we friends started our journey on the highway. After about 1 and half hour of drive we spotted a good highway side restaurant and had a sumptuous breakfast and after clicking few photos we left for the remaining journey.

We reached at the parking site of the sanctuary at 10 AM and parked my car. It was a paid parking and as I remember the charges were 50 Rs for a day.

Then we picked our camera bags and went to the ticket counter and purchased the entry tickets which were at that time Rs 50 per person. (for foreigners tickets were probably Rs 400/- per head). Since we were all new to the Park we decided to heir a local guide. 

Inside Park with local guide on the right

We entered the park in the guidance of the local guide, who first told us the history of the Park. Just like any novice we also asked him several questions including the one "whether we would be able to see the birds!", the guide answered by laughing and said that sir you are now in the world's most renowned habitat of birds and millions of birds including migratory birds have already arrived in the park. By hearing this we were all more excited. 

Searching for pythons: It was informed that the Park is also home of large number of Pythons, and he took us away from the paved road in search of the pythons. We saw several big-big holes on different locations and even saw several snake scales (leftover skin of snakes) but were unable to locate any python.

Photos of Keoladeo National Park
In search of Pythons 

The guide told that probably because of rain last night, pythons had vacated their holes and had left for some other places. But anyways, we then decided to move further in the Park for search of birds and to venture deeper into other parts of the park. 

As we started moving deeper inside the park, the chirping sound of birds became more eminent and louder. Now the terrains had also started changing with bigger trees on both sides of the pavements and the water bodies coming into picture.

looking for birds in Keoladeo National Park

Suddenly the things changed and we saw large number of water birds swimming and chirping all around.

We took our cameras and all of us became busy clicking in all directions. The beauty was simply amazing and we were mesmerised by the natural beauty all around.

Cheerful moments;Keoladeo National Park

We also found several foreigners in the Park and many professional photographers busy taking photos and doing some research work. The guide also informed us that some of them had been regularly visiting the park for last 5-6 days as they extensively cover each portion of the park and wait for taking photos of the birds in full action. Hearing this we realised that at least a two day trip was necessary to justify and properly appreciate the beauty of the park. 

Keoladeo National Park
Deer in the Park

We also noticed several Neel Gai and Deers in the Park. The guide told that earlier on certain occasions people had also spotted leopards in the Park. 

Since we had to return back on the same day as such we kept on moving faster and simultaneously tried capturing the moments in our cameras. On the left side is a bird which was sucking the nectar of flowers.
Keoladeo National Park

Had Lunch from 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM in ITDC Guest House in Park

By that time it was about 1:30 PM and we all were feeling hungry. The guide told us that first we should have our lunch in the guest house of ITDC which is inside the Park and then we will move further into the park.

We visited the guest house and had our lunch and also took the much needed rest as were all tired by that time.

Egret in Keoladeo National Park

After lunch break, we traveled further inside the Park and reached to place which was surrounded by water bodies all around. It was crowded with large number of migratory birds all around. We have never earlier came across such a view.

Laughing dove

Painted Stork

landing into water body

The nature was at its abundance and in full swing. We sat at the banks of water bodies to get the feel. At that time we were not talking to each other, but were immersing ourselves into the nature.

The feel simply cannot be expressed in words.

time for portrait photography

Busy clicking

time for portrait photography
We also took some time for portrait photography. As it was time to register our presence in the park in digital format 😊.

I would like to add here that, on several stretches of the park there are a sitting arrangements where one can rest a bit and moreover drinking water tanks are also there for usage of visitors.

If one is carrying packed food one can have the same in between their trip.

keoladeo national park

 Emerald Green 


Since it was already around 3:30 PM, and we had to return to Delhi on the same day, we decided to return back from the park. Needless to say we were all very much tired.

We walked for about 7 km towards the main entrance gate of the park, but it was still 3 more km to go and then we decided to hire rickshaw to the main gate.

While returning from park 

To first time visitors, it is advisable to take services of a local guide as they help you in bird watching and in identifying the species. They can also identify from the sound of birds as to which species is around.

Keoladeo National Park
view of water bodies

Here I would like to add that rickshaws ply in the park and the rickshaw pullers are trained and they also act as guide.

Finally we reached to the parking area and paid the local guide and thanked him for his services and then we drove back to Delhi via Agra Expressway. 

It was really a memorable experience for all of us.


To sum up, I would say that this is one of the finest places where every nature lover should visit. Especially in winter  Keoladeo National Park is home to millions of birds of different species. 

There are ample opportunities for clicking good photos of birds busy in their activities. Although one can cover various locations of the park in a single day trip, but a two day trip is more recommended. In my view the Keoladeo National Park truly justifies it being enlisted as UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE.

(Disclaimer: The aforesaid views and experience are personal to the author and viewers and travellers are advised to check from concerned authority prior to travelling to the site. Further the author shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in the information. Any views or opinions are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual. We always respect the dignity and feelings of any religion, ethnic, individual, groups, company etc. Photos in the post are subject to copyright.).


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