My Journey to Prehistoric Cave Paintings in Alwar


prehistoric cave, alwar, dadhikar, rajasthan
On way to Pre-Historic cave paintings

Rajasthan is a place of historical forts and beautiful palaces. It has very rich cultural heritage and not only people of India but even foreigners loves to visit the state. In last week of December 2018 I also planned for a short trip to Rajasthan, however it was not going to be an usual trip to some popular destination, but to a least known place where Pre-historic cave paintings had been discovered. The place was somewhere near Dadhikar Fort in Alwar. So here the journey begins..

Our Journey to Pre-historic cave paintings

I reached Gurugram at around 10 AM and met two of my friends and then we had some breakfast in Harish Bakery and Sweets and we purchased some snacks, cakes etc for our journey. The idea was not to take any break in between for food etc as we were bit late.

Delicious dhokla at Harish Restaurant

Then we all packed ourselves in my car and searched for Dhadhikar Fort on Google maps, the distance shown was around 140 km. Then we started our journey and catched Delhi-Jaipur highway and later took a turn for Alwar

drove continuously for around two and half hours. Needless to say we were following the google map continuously as the area was not known to us.

As we were heading forward, we noticed a board mentioning about Pre-historic cave paintings.  By seeing this we became sure that we were on the right path.

Way to Dahikar Fort

After covering few more km we noticed another sign board mentioning about Dhadhikar Fort. It was this place where we were to head forward.

Dadhikar fort, alwar, rajasthan
Dhadhikar Fort's distant view

We traveled several km from there, the road had become very narrow by then and it seemed we had entered into some village. 

We asked some villagers as to the direction of Dhadhikar Fort and proceeded further. Then we reached the main gate of Dhadhikar Fort and confirmed from the security guard about the cave paintings. He told that it is around 3 more kms from the fort and pointed towards distant hills.

I would like to add that Dhadhikar Fort has been converted into a heritage hotel and one can stay there after prior booking.

Kachha rasta towards cave

But by that time the roads had become very undulating. In fact it was no more roads but kaccha rasta full of patches and boulders. Then we decided that only one would drive the car and other two of us will guide. My friend Prakash took on the steering wheel and I and Rajul came out of car and started guiding him. 

Then we reached to a point from where it was not possible to take the car ahead. There was not even any kachha rasta and the terrain had became very rough and undulating. As such we parked the car. As we left the car we saw some children came there, but we didn't paid much attention to them.

We decided to move further towards the hills which were around 600-700 meters away from the place where we parked the car. 

The place where we parked the car

However, after we moved 200 meters more towards the hills, we could not find the way as to how to approach it as there begins fenced mustard fields (सरसों के खेत ). We climbed at nearby rocks to get a better view of any approachable path to the nearby hills where the cave paintings were there.

Looking for ways how to reach to the hills

Then came those little kids and they said that they are local shepherds and can guide us to the hills and can also show us the ancient cave paintings. It was a big respite to all of us. As we were running short of time and it was already 2:30 PM and being peak winter season days were short.

beautiful mustard field

The kids guided us through the mustard fields. We were mesmerized to see it's beauty especially when just a moment back we were all in barren land. It brought a good contrast to the entire scene.

Proceeding through the mustard field

Even the kids picked few little berry (जंगली बेर) and gave me to eat. First of all I was bit hesitant, but then I tried it. Berries were both sour and sweet (खट्टा मिट्ठा )in taste. 

rocks on the foothills

Now we reached to the foothills, I would like to mention here that reaching there was not so easy as we had to go through several thorny bushes and some of them also got stuck in our clothes. But the desire to reach to the destination kept us moving.

Resting for a while and enjoying the panoramic view

At several places the gradient of the hill was quite steep and soon we had to take a break to control our thumping heart 😵. But the kids were moving fast and we were to catch them. As such we gathered our energy and climbed further.

Finally reached the top

After a while we reached to the top of the hill. It was unexpectedly flat and several big rocks were lying there. Some of them were creating cave like structures. Then the kids took us to some specific big rocks which were curved from inside.

Cave paintings, alwar, dadhikar, rajasthan
Rock paintings

See the photos of the rock paintings which we saw there on the hills. Since I am not an historian I cannot comment whether these paintings as claimed were really of Pre-historic era or not. But the paintings seemed to tell some story. It depicted some animals and man, may be trying to show some hunting scenario. There was also an inverted swastik (स्वस्तिक ) sign.. 

I would love to see if anyone having knowledge about these paintings can throw some light in the comment section and enlighten us.

cave paintings, alwar, dadhikar
Rock paintings

After seeing those paintings we decided to spend few more minutes on the hill before descending down. We wanted to feel the calmness and freshness all around which was in abundant there and which we miserably misses in busy city life. We were able to hear the whistling sound of air passing through the hills and rocks. The experience was amazing, but it also gave us the feel that we were in a place of wilderness .

वहां एक अनोखे विरानेपन का एह्साह था। 

Trio selfie (just before we started descending the hill)

We descended from a different position. It was much better as the slope was gradual and we landed down at a place where thankfully there were no more thorny bushes.

View while descending down
We also noticed several interesting rock structure as the one above which somewhere looked like if someone is bowing down or may be like a big turtle, depending upon how you imagine it.😉

Cheerful kids who guided us to the cave paintings

No doubt our trip probably could not have been completed if we were not guided by those cheerful kids who were full of energy and zeal. They were so happy to see us visiting their place and selflessly extended their guidance and even told us to visit again. We thanked them and then we left for Delhi.

A little tea break at Balaquila Tourist Site:

While returning to Delhi we took half an hour break at the Balaquila Tourist site, which falls in the buffer zone of Sariska Tiger Reserve. We had tea and maggie then we left for Delhi.

Balaquila Eco Tourist Site

Bala Quila Tourist site also seemed quite interesting and I saw a big fort on the hill. It was really big one. Safari was allowed to the fort which was several km of journey, however since it was already around 4 PM we decided to cover it during some other trip.

At Balaquila tourist site

Check the above photo mentioning the timings of the visit to Balaquila Fort.

waiting for tea and maggie

We were feeling quite hungry by then, after waiting for 10-15 minutes the delicious hot maggie was before us. We had maggie and then a cup of hot coffee and then in 15-20 minutes we were back into the car and heading towards Delhi.

Hot maggie

The trip to the Prehistoric cave paintings in Alwar was full of adventure and thrill. Surely it was not a trip to enjoy luxury of a hotel, but away from city hustle and bustle and amidst raw and pristine nature and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Do's and Dont's while visiting Prehistoric Cave Paintings:

  • If you want to visit the place, it is advisable to visit with some local guide.

  • The terrain is rough, wear shoes with good grip/trekking shoes. Sandles and hills are a big no-no. Moreover do take into consideration about your fitness level as one has to climb hills to see the rock/cave paintings.

  • Bring some food and carry water as there is no restaurant nearby except Dadhikar Fort in which entry is limited for guests (who had booked the rooms there) and otherwise for outsiders there are entry fee also (This is as per information provided by Dadhikar fort security guard). 

  • The area is secluded and surrounded by jungles. Within few kms falls the buffer zone of Sariska Wildlife Tiger reserve so it's advisable one returns back before sunset.

  • And last but not the least don't do anything which damages those paintings and the nearby ecology.

Hope you all like this blog. In case you want to provide further information and to give suggestions, feel free to comment. You can also subscribe to our blog for future updates.

(Disclaimer: The aforesaid views and experience are personal to the author and viewers and travelers are advised to check from concerned authority prior to travelling to the site. Further the author shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in the information. Any views or opinions are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company or individual. We always respect the dignity and feelings of any religion, ethnic, individual, groups, company etc. Photos in the post are subject to copyright.).


  1. It was an awesome day trip, away from the city and a much needed break. Needless to say that we saw something unique about which there is very limited information available. This is an offbeat location. Do not expect any kind of luxury here. It is a trip for the strong hearted.

    1. Thanx. The language creates lot of interest. 👌

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    1. Happy to hear that the article was helpful to you. Stay connected..


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