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About me

Hi, I am Abhishek Prasad, an advocate by profession and practicing in different courts, tribunals in India. 

Right from college hood I had an inclination towards photography and travelling. In fact when I went to college, the first thing I bought from my pocket money was a camera and since then as and when got time used to visit new places and used to capture the beauty in my camera. 

With passage of time, my love for nature and photography became more and more intense. In the end of the 2018 I decided to create my own blog containing description of my visit to different places, my experiences about the same, travel tips, photography tips, equipments reviews etc. 

I believe that to enjoy nature, photography and travel one is not necessarily required to visit far of places, as many a times it's not even possible to do so because of time constraints, family commitments or even financial limitations. What's more important is that one should go and observe the details as remember nature keeps on evolving with time. 

Contact me:

Stay connected with me as I travel along and take you through my travel experiences. You can connect me at my email id: abhishek.abhilaw@live.com or even directly through the contact form. 

Warm regards
Abhishek Prasad


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